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March 2002


1. Evolution of Homeopathy

When Hahnemann came down from the Mount bearing the ORGANON Mark 1 cast in tablets of stone, that defined Homoeopathy for All Time. Didinnit?

The dissenting view is that Hahnemann constantly reviewed and revised his masterwork a further five times during his lifetime, approximately every 5 years or so.Unfortunately Anno Domini caught up with him, and he left his followers to stand on his shoulders, on their own two feet.

The SIXTH edition of the Organon, written in 1842, got lost in the round file for the larger part of a century, and for all that time until it's rediscovery Homeopaths regarded the FIFTH edition as the most modern version.Currently the SIXTH edition is the most modern version of Hahnemann's wonderful system of medicine available to us.

It seems we have a history of working on the older versions.

My contention is that the sixth edition is about 150 years out of date, and long overdue for an upgrade.

2. Difficulty of Explanation/Suppression of Symptoms

Most of my 40 years in Homeopathy have been spent in befuddlement, and the attempt to resolve Homeopathy's various contradictions, and in the investigation of various heresies which are proven to be viable in practice.

Until fairly recently the only argument we could advance in support of homeopathy is that, "The proof of the pudding lies in the eating."ie the total justification for Homeopathy is that it works. In actual practice it healed brilliantly, but was always written off as "Anecdotal," "Placebo effect,", etc.(It always amazed me that the orthodox medical viewpoint could never encompass "Where there's smoke there's fire," and investigate Homeopathy benignly to establish a rationale for all the anecdotal healings.Or why our placebos worked so disproportionately more effectively than theirs.

That's just a digression, I doubt we will ever alter the official medical mindset.)

But similarly, there are so many other issues which work in practice but don't fit the theory that Homeopaths can be accused of much the same attitudes.

SO ! Let's see how humanity stands some 200 years after Jenner, Pasteur, and the introduction of Smallpox vaccine. You'll find that after about 8 generations of smallpox vaccinations we have a vastly sicker humanity to deal with today, even though smallpox is virtually non-existent.The relationship of this vaccine to Thuja, our chief Gonnorrhoea remedy, never ceases to amaze me. Like Cures Like and all that.

Then we have all the children's vaccinations to ensure the child never shows a symptom of illness. I well remember some 30 years ago reading Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard's comments that Cancer was far more prevalent in people who had never had the Usual Childhood Diseases. It seems that Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox etc function as drainage systems for the Cancer miasm.  We are certainly seeing a mass proving of her observations today.

Likewise Kent's comments about the suppression of skin symptoms suppressing humanity out of existence. How frequently do you see a good healthy base line eczema nowadays ? Two of our graduates presented such a case before Christmas. The Remedy was Viola Tricolor, one of those forgotten remedies simply because it doesn't have any singular mental symptoms. It's rare enough to comment on.

Antibiotics and steroids suppress any and every inflammation, and any physiological malfunction, but without healing.

Eventually we get the well-known Syndrome Shift, mentioned in Aphorism 216, or the "Jump" more recently reported by Vithoulkas, into a much deeper and more predominantly mental/emotional state. This saves the physical body, but turns us into a race of neurotics, fit only for Television soap operas.

Here I quote the New Zealand Herald of 15/12/01, "One third of Medics mentally ill." This is not to malign the medics, but to point out that they have greatest access to their own potions. If anyone should be well, they should. And if not, why not ?

All this gives us a much reduced success rate in clinical prescribing, and an enhanced success rate in prescribing on the mentals.

I seriously doubt we would nowadays achieve better than a 10- 20% success rate working on symptomatic prescribing. How many of you have had the asthma case of whom you enquire "and is it worse when you Lie down/Stand up/Exercise/ Go out in the wind/Or in the rain/Get excited etc etc" for all of the 10 pages of modalities we have for this complaint; only to be told,

"My chest gets a bit tight and I take a puff, and that's my only symptom."

My first heretical quarrel with the ORGANON is that the Totality of Symptoms is no longer the ONLY way to find the Similimum. In my view it is the least effective of all the pathways open to us. Largely because to a great extent the symptoms no longer exist.

3. The State of the Disposition

Some years ago I came across the POMSA philosophy, Prescribing on Mental Symptoms Alone.

I attempted this for several years, but with limited success. eg three underlines for Jealousy, two underlines for Anger, etc had very little impact.

Then came Rajan Sankaran's brilliant exposition of Aphorism 211, The State of the Disposition, often illuminated by only one very deep and central delusion or fear, and often indicated by the patient's dreams, which totally illuminated and clarified this. And when Jayesh Shah presented a case in which the physical symptom had never been reported as cured in that remedy, a well written polychrest, this was another eye opening blow to the Totality of the Symptoms.

Essentially Homeopathy is only lightly evolved, 10 - 20 % perhaps, who knows ? There is a far more unknown than known to us in our field. Only a small proportion of our remedies are fully proven, and of those, only a small proportion of their symptoms have made it into the repertory. This despite the huge catch-up job evident in the Synthesis, the Complete, etc. Just compare Sulphur with Nuphar. For the remainder of our remedies, they are so little known as to represent a major voyage of Tubercular exploration. And congratulations to those Homoeopaths who are continually evolving and proving new remedies.

Rajan and his associates are currently working on an expanded concept of Miasms cross- indexed to the central themes of the Families of remedies.This is by not yet fully evolved, but I envisage it as another major advance in Homeopathic technique when fully fledged.

And then there's Scholten and his magnificent work on the Periodic Table. When I first attended one of his seminars I thought, "Homeopathy can't be this easy." But it can. It simply needs mastering.

There are new evolutions in Homoeopathy which vastly enhance our curative potential. Rather than denigrate them from within our profession we should be seeking to master them and put them to good use.

4. The Potency Question

Then there's the question of potency prescribing. The late Dr P Sankaran wrote a brilliant pamphlet on this, recently reprinted in "The Elements of Homoeopathy", basically showing that according to whichever expert you care to quote, whatever system of prescribing you used, high potencies, low potencies, whateffer, would all get brilliant results. Here's my contribution. Please don't consider it as expert.  I have learned that the Similimum of the Central State, when given in at least 10m potency, gives an almost instant reaction.

I have many cases on video of tearful widows instantly breaking into giggles, and then into unseemly hilarity within 5 - 10 mins after the remedy. There's one case of a widow who was into a new relationship within a month later, much to the despair, and I suspect envy, of the local widow's support group.  And the girl who had been gang raped, and spoke in a flat emotionless monotone. She "had got over it," but was just having thrush, and difficulties with her husband. In fact she had just left him. On the grounds of emotional trauma and dead emotions I gave Pho-ac 10m.

Within 30 seconds she halted in mid-monotone and giggled, looking very startled as she did so. Then into laughter and a quite jolly remainder of the interview. When I stamped her cheque I asked her if she wanted me to stamp her butt, and she misinterpreted this entirely and hilariously. She didn't return so I rang her husband to enquire after her. I was delighted to find she had returned to him.

I have dozens of such cases on video. I make a point of videoing the patient from the start of the interview until about half an hour after the prescription to get the beauty and drama of that first reaction. It has wonderfully impressive educational value.

5. Rapidity of Healing Action

I think I have thoroughly disproved that over the years. The Similimum hits the energy field in about two seconds, (quote the Faculty of Homoeopathy video "Homoeopathy, the Realistic Alternative,") and works through the chakras into the endocrine glands and hormones, then into the Mental emotional and physical bodies more or less swiftly according to the patient's in-built nervous resistances. If I haven't had a happiness reaction in about 20 minutes I seriously doubt that I have given the right remedy.

6. Medical Sciences

In my early years I constantly wrestled with the dilemma that if I were a doctor, would I be a better Homeopath?

That was the prevailing viewpoint, but I was getting such good results as to doubt this.  Over 40 years, my path took me from the University of Ardnox in the swamps of Papua New Guinea, via Vithoulkas' Essences, to Sankaran's Central State, and Scholten's Periodic Table. And in all the seminars I ever attended I only saw one case which depended on a medical result, a test for high Bilirubin in a formication case. (Rx Dolichos); and another which depended on a diagnosis (I never did see why). In fact, I did study Medical Science fairly thoroughly nearly 20 years ago, and have sat in on several courses of it since - sometimes we teach it, sometimes we don't, it's irrelevant. I have never found a use for it in my practice, and never found the non-use of it to detract from my case results. Simply I am oriented away from it, and I believe a non- the- worse Homeopath for the lack of it.

In fact I have a video of Sankaran telling the story of a patient reporting on his TMT, to Rajan's utter bafflement

After the patient left he rang a colleague and asked what was this dread disease, the TMT? It was the Treadmill Test, and at the next interview Rajan was able to enquire into his progress on it with a straight face and tongue in cheek.

Rajan makes the point that as he gets further into Homeopathy, so he gets farther away from Medical Science and technique.

In fact quite a number of the world's senior medical Homeopaths have significantly reduced medical input into their cases.

So as another heresy, and please park your cigarette lighters; if you weren't already doctors or naturopaths, and if medical science weren't already your comfort zone, and you wanted to do the very best Homeopathy you were capable of:- from your own experience please consider, would you bother to learn Medical Science, a course of several hundred hours study? or would you put that time into the advanced study of top-level Homeopathy ???

I recall arguing this with a very dedicated Naturopath at a post seminar pub session. She was refuting me most indignantly. Jan Scholten was sitting across the table listening in benignly, and he finally joined in to say that whichever fractal of chaos we explored, the chaos was all the same inside the main body. Thus if I wanted to ignore the medical fractal and find some other approach there was no reason why my Homeopathy shouldn't be as successful as anybody else's.

Thank you Jan!

This of course is Sankaran's famous "Dirty Window" analogy. Whichever window you rub at is so filthy you just can't see inside. But when you find a window that's just a little less filthy and you can rub away enough grime to get a good look inside the house, the nature and state of the dilapidation are all the same wherever you go in the house.

I want to address the colleges now. This isn't Politically Correct and will no doubt offend some, for which I offer my apologies, but in my view time which is spent on medical science is wasted, and would be far better spent on the study of Advanced Homeopathy. I'd like to urge you to take this more focused approach in your teaching, to help evolve a far more Homeopathic level of Homeopathy.

7. Happiness

Vithoulkas gives the definition of cure as "Happiness," and this is what I see as the first reaction in all my successful cases. A lightening of life's burdens as felt in relaxed shoulders, a sense of "Lightheadedness," clarity of the mind, and a relief of emotional tension. Also the stresses of daily life and personality conflicts are far more easily coped with after the Similimum. Have you ever noticed how after a successful prescription to the wife, the husband improves out of sight ??? He becomes a much nicer person in every way. I could give you a dozen stories on this one.

What's more the patient gets an enhanced sense of well being at all levels, the ability to make such of life's decisions as have become necessary, and enhanced relief of symptoms. All this without lifestyle changes. The indicator for a repeat is when the husband is perceived to start getting niggly again.

8.  Assimilation

And without nutritional changes. In the early 80's I wrestled with this one in Naturopathic college - dedicated to a plethora of minor therapies and Nutrition as the supreme healing art. I was already getting good results in Homeopathy without any diet modification, and it just didn't gel.

The final result of my deliberations and experiences was that if the similimum gives health, then part of this health must derive from nutritional improvement. As I wasn't involved in dietary change then the amelioration had to be via ASSIMILATION, getting a higher nutritional input out of the normal food intake.

The only issue here is that your prescription must be the Similimum of the Central State, and in high enough potency.

And if you seriously feel the need to supplement, ie if you haven't successfully prescribed for the Central State, then try this one.

Put together a highly varied organic fruit and vegetable salad, add manuka honey, raw molasses, wheat grass, spirulena, beansprouts, and whatever is currently fashionable. Potentise it to 3x, and run a proving on it. Our name for this is "Homeonutrients," you call it what you will.

This is an excellent first proving for new students, and their families, and the results are amazing.

Change of appetite from junk food to salads, that's how I first got into it.

Increased appetite in Anorexics, and the seriously ill. For patients who can't lift their heads up to swallow, this can literally be a lifesaver, just a squirt in the mouth as they lie there.

Change in attitude for the better, improvement in health etc. It's even been reported to cure influenza, and save marriages. It's almost as good as the similimum. The theory, totally unproven, is that the vital energy of the food is absorbed into the Vital Force of the patient, bypassing issues of appetite, digestion or excretion.

My favourite case is from Frank Parsons MPS, who is also one of my graduates. He was supplying prescriptive Digoxin to a frail elderly lady with heart pathology. Also she was wasting away from lack of appetite. It seems that anorexia is a well-known side effect of Digoxin. Frank gave her a bottle of Homeonutrients, and on the first night she elbowed her husband awake, demanding he get up and make her a cup of tea and a sandwich. She was able to continue the Digoxin in tandem with the Homeonutrients, regaining appetite, body, and vitality.

Don't take my word for it, run your own provings. I have found it have similar effect in sub- Avogadro decimal potencies, and in 200c, and whether potentised by hand bashing or by the magnetic potentiser.potentising

9. Magnetic Potentising

Which brings us to the next issue. Again, please park your flamethrowers!Hold up your hands please, all those of you who will admit to using the magnetic potentiser. When I first came across this in 1981 it was the ultimate heresy, often being kept in a locked cupboard. Admitting to using it was rather like a gay coming out of the closet in the 80's, fraught with difficulty and abuse.

In about 1984 I was present at a seminar when the issue of support for the pharmacists arose. This was considered of such vital importance that all other forms of potentising received the Death sentence ex-cathedra.Yet I had owned one since 1981, and knew it's value, and considered it God's gift to the isolated Homeopath, which I certainly was then.I was quite pleased when about 5 or 6 years ago in Australia, I found it a very flourishing form of potentising. There was even a blackmarket in photocopied and laminated versions of the card remedies.Australians have long outgrown their chains, and apart from underarm bowling are quite respectable people, so I have to assume that the Potentiser's validity is recognized, even if only sub-rosa.

The beauty of it is, that by using the card version it's possible to pack the whole materia medica in all potencies into a shoebox, and to cross international borders without needing to get white powders and alcohol past customs inspection.

And like homoeopathy, it works!!!

My Causticums have long been agitated by the injustice of support for one by the suppression of another, particularly an instrument so clinically viable and valuable.Regrettably I have no financial interest in the magnetic potentiser, and I'm not here to promote it, but I strongly feel it's time it got the recognition it deserves. I see it as the industrial revolution of Homeopathy, and a necessary part of our growth. If anything needs to be written in, then this does.

The makers address is Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla.

The Magnetic system of potentisation should be given a thorough and unbiased trial

10. Central Nervous Diseases

Now, a no doubt controversial approach to CNS diseases, Huntington's, Parkinson's, Epilepsy etc. Many years ago I was hooked into the concept of: Give one dose and review in 2 months. And because it had been handed down from the Mount I was afeared to challenge it. Also there is this theory about repeats spoiling the case.

But it often doesn't work in CNS disease. The intensity of the disease is rather like the Acute situation, despite it's chronicity, and it may well burn up the remedy energy within a few days or even hours. Over the long haul I have found that the potencies need to be raised to the very top of the scale, to mm and higher, and repeated frequently. Nowadays in such cases I give the patient a little bottle containing one drop and teach him how to plus it and take it nightly.

I have a severe case of Huntington's Chorea, a rapidly degenerative disease, which I have been treating for 4 years. He is certainly no worse, and in my imagination might even be a little better. His remedy is Ambra Grisea, based on his embarrassment. I had raised it steadily from the original 10m, initially giving it 1/month. At about the mm potency I found that his twitching would cease completely, and he would go into an almost trancelike state for about 10 - 20 minutes.Then he would snap out of it and go home

He was always relapsed by the time he returned in a month, and I never found out how long the tranquility lasted. He also complained about poor sleep, so finally I gave him the plussing bottle, and had him take it every night. I have not got him seriously better in the way I would like to, but in the normal progress of this disease he would be straitjacketed and dementalised by now. He is now on Ambra 3mm plussed nightly.

Very high potencies, frequently repeated, may be necessary in the treatment of CNS diseases.

11. The Stand-Alone Therapy

My last point must be that I don't advertise my clinic, and I am a point of last resort for my patients, who have to hear about me and find me. There is an element of desperation by the time they get to me, and usually they are quite severely ill.Hence my patients are first and foremost the failures of orthodox medicine, and frequently of various alternative therapies after that. I audit my cases annually and find my success rate in the terms of reference mentioned earlier, happiness and dynamic healing in the Direction of cure etc, is around 70-72%.  This is a hard audit, anyone who hasn't returned to me and whom I can't contact is automatically considered a failure. So the audit is quite conservative.  It's not a bad batting average, and I quote it simply to support my plea for Homeopathy as a Superior and Independent system of medicine.It doesn't need all the other inputs, and the time is better spent concentrating on the Advanced study of Homeopathy.

So now, to sum up in terms of the 7th ORGANON.

As we are unable to obtain an authentic Hahnemannian version of this we must do it ourselves. But let's avoid effrontery and use a title such as

The APOCRYPHAL Organon 7

I will have given many of you food for thought. Also many of you will have fresh ideas that I too can use, and I'd like to hear them.I want to suggest that we all compare notes and new ideas. I will be very happy to correlate them and post them on this website with appropriate accreditation of course. And perhaps eventually publish it as an ebook.  You may visit the forums section of this site to post your ideas.

We already have a synoptic version of the ORGANON click here. Every aphorism is reduced to one intelligible sentence, and this might interest you or your students.

Thank you, bbDerek Briggs AHA

SUMMARY of the APOCRYPHAL ORGANON 7 (to presentdate)

  • Homeopathy is a Superior and Independent system of medicine.
  • The Sixth edition of the Organon is about 150 years out of date, and long overdue for an upgrade.
  • A large proportion of humanity has gone into Syndrome-shift, and good physical symptoms are less freely available to prescribe on.
  • Homoeopaths now have a much reduced success rate in physical prescribing, and an enhanced success rate in prescribing on mental symptoms.
  • THE TOTALITY OF THE SYMPTOMS is no longer the ONLY way to find the Similimum.
  • There are new evolutions in Homoeopathy which vastly enhance our curative potential. Rather than denigrate them from within our profession, we should accept the onus to master them, and put them to good use in the prescription of the Similimum to the greatest number of our patients.
  • The Similimum of the Central State, when given in at least 10m potency, gives an almost instant reaction.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle changes are not essential to the practice of Homoeopathy.
  • Medical Science and Nutritional study have very little value in the practice of homeopathy. They may safely be deleted from the curriculum.
  • If nutritional therapy is considered essential, then the following approach has proven to give good results. Compose a highly varied organic fruit and vegetable salad, add manuka honey, molasses, wheatgrass, spirulena, beansprouts, and whatever is currently fashionable and potentise it to 3x.
  • To justify it's use homoeopaths should then run their own proving on it. Even this is not an essential remedy except in the most extreme cases, provided the similimum has been prescribed.
  • Based on it's clinical effectiveness, the Magnetic system of potentisation should be given a thorough and unbiased trial.
  • Very high potencies, frequently repeated, may be necessary in the treatment of CNS diseases.
  • Homeopathy is a Superior and Independent system of medicine.

Further input from the entire Homoeopathic profession is sought

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